• Last updated January 29, 2019.
    Please read through the terms and conditions below to use the website
    You access and make use this site on the condition that you accept to be bound by all
    the terms of use of this site. This terms and conditions will be binding on all sellers,
    buyers, individuals or bodies that visit this site.
    In this Terms of Service
    ‘Account' means the account associated with your email address
    ‘The site' means: www.moneymarketeers.com
    ‘buyers' means individuals who visit the website for the sole purpose of purchasing a
    ‘sellers’ means an individual or a company that is allocated a store for the purpose of
    sale through the website
    ‘Terms' means the terms and conditions of use of the website
    You are enjoined to read all the information contained in this document as the website
    will not assume liability for any failure to do so
    Continuous Violation of any of these terms will result in disciplinary measure which may
    include but (are not limited to) ban, suspension or closure of your shopify store. And
    other measures that the we may deem fit with time
    You may sign up for, or use the Money Marketeers services once you agree to be bound
    by the following terms and conditions. It is vital to you read, accept all, and agree with
    the terms.
    Moneymarketeers offers an opportunity/avenue for sale through the website. You
    purchase your online store and are allowed to use it. The length of time depends on the
    amount paid through the purchase link
    We agree that:
    a. We are not a financial institution and so the amount paid for a sellers product or
    service might be held by a third party institution for the purpose of transparency
    b. We only sell shopify stores
  • c. We are not responsible for its upkeep or functionalities provided we have done our
    due diligence before sale
    1. Right to Refuse Service
    You may not engage in sale of illegal products or items. You agree that you may forfeit your
    shopify purchase fee and (or) be banned if discovered. We reserve the right to suspend or limit
    access to your shopify store or ‘the site' if:
    a. You have acted or are acting in breach of any of the terms contained in the document
    b. We believe that there is a level of risk associated with your use of the site
    c. You engage in any illegal activity in contradiction with the laws of the country in which
    you reside or the Spanish Law
    d. We are required to do so by law enforcement agencies
    2. You must be 16 years or older to register as a seller or place orders on the MoneyMarketeers website; refunds for this service is not guaranteed.
    3. You are obligated to provide all accurate information which includes your full legal name, a
    valid phone number, your current address, a valid email address, and any other information
    which the Site may consider important to confirm your identity.
    The Site keeps the right of cancel any account which that does not meet these
    conditions or that provides false information.
    You acknowledge that the Site is going to use the email address you provide as
    the principal method of communication.
    4. You are responsible for the safe keeping of your passwords and any kind the information
    that are confidential and are used on ‘the site' once they are provided. You are allowed to
    adjust or change them at will. Money Marketeer will not be responsible for any damage
    caused on the website or to your shopify store facilitated by the loss of your account or login
    5. You may not use the services provided by the Money Marketeer for any illegal purpose.
    The ‘site’ will be exempted from any liability accrued from the use of the website to violate
    any laws in your jurisdiction, including patent or copyright.
    You are also expected to conduct yourself in a manner that is acceptable under
    the Spanish law as this is the law governing the use of the website
    6. The Money Marketeers services do not guaranteed any results for sellers. Results includes
    (but are not limited to) sales, marketing or customers.
  • 7. You are allowed to conduct your sales without the interference of the leadership of the site
    except on suspicion of illegality and (or) routine check ups.
    8. The Site surrenders all responsibility for the care of the store, marketing or sales to the new
    owners(sellers) immediately after the delivery. We sell the store to you while you assume all
    the responsibility and care for its use
    All sales are final. Refund in this service is not possible. 
    9. The Site refuses liability for any issues that might arise from helping you suggest a niche for
    your store especially if you do not take the decision, for whatever reason. Examples of such
    issues that might occur includes (but are not limited to): not exact niche or vague
    The site doesn’t guarantee sales or give any false hope on selection of niche by us.
    We do not guarantee the best outcome on this choice
    10. The price paid for the purchase of your shopify store is not an investment. There is not to be
    any return on investment on such amounts or any other amount that may be requested by
    us for the upkeep and use of the general site in the future
    11. We reserve the right to adjust, update or change any information contained on this website.
    You are expected to check the terms and conditions occasionally for updates
    12. The Money Marketeers team will be in the position to respond, guide and help you on the
    process to construct the store till the moment of the delivery.
    13. We reserve the right to ban any user on the suspicion of illegality of any sort. We are not
    obligated to bear any responsibility as a result of any error in this regard
    14. Money Marketeers guarantee that, all the information you provided will be kept in
    confidentiality and will not be use for other purposes other that that which has been
    mentioned in the ‘terms'.
    I agree that I have read the above information and agree to be bound by all ‘the terms'
    contained in this piece for the use of ‘the site'.